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I did not realize just how bad this had gotten in NOLA. Incredibly troubling.

Book Domino Chain World Record (by Seattle Public Library)

The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by setting a new world record for the longest book domino chain!

The books used to make this domino chain were either donated or are out of date and no longer in the library’s collection. They are now being sold by the Friends of Seattle Public Library to help raise money for library programs and services.

No books were harmed during the filming of this video.

But here’s what’s really appalling about this — Republican politicians insulting our intelligence by pretending to care about whether the non-wealthy have health insurance. The Republican Party, from the Supreme Court to many statehouses, is engaged in a so-far successful struggle to deny Medicaid to millions of people. The de jure offers made by Republicans to the uninsured are various shades of horrible, and the de facto Republican offer to the uninsured is “nothing.” These are, in short, desperate and dishonest arguments being made by people strongly committed to restoring an awful status quo ante.

Gil Scott-Heron - Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams) (by XL Recordings)

So looking forward to this release.

Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams) and the interludes, Enjoy Yourself and The On/Off Switch, are taken from the album, Nothing New. http://gilscottheron.net

During the 2008 I’m New Here sessions at New Yorks Looking Glass studios, Gil Scott-Heron recorded stripped-down new versions of some of his greatest songs.

Accompanying himself on piano and with no overdubs, this is Nothing New: a unique musical insight into one of the most profound recording artists of our time.

Nothing New will be released only on 12” vinyl, limited to 3000 copies, and available exclusively on Record Store Day, 19th April 2014.