Those who question what the protesters’ violence in Ferguson in August achieved now have their answer. Would you have heard of Brown without it? Would the attorney general have led an investigation without it? Can you name another child who has been killed by the state since then? For there have been many. If it takes a riot for America to remember their names then that tells you more about the country than it does about the rioters.
As I observed yesterday, SCOTUS conservatives this week came down harshly on Arkansas for restricting a Muslim prisoner’s religious freedom over an “exaggerated fear” about his beard. The same sort of exaggerated fear justices mocked in that case is the stated basis for photo ID laws across the country. Will SCOTUS’ conservatives bring the same skepticism to bear in protecting voting rights as religious rights?

"Do You Want to Be Buried with My People" by Scout Niblett

The recorded version on The Fool Can Die Now, sung as a duet with Will Oldham (aka Bonnie Prince Billie) is one of the greater pieces of recorded music I know—but this version is nonetheless pretty great…